Words of Prophetic Encouragement




This thread is for those who feel they need a word of encouragement from the Holy Spirit in a situation they are coping with, or as a general encouragement for their lives at this time.


Also, it is a place for those who have a prophetic gift to be able to exercise it to show Christ's love for others. Also, there are those who have been seeking the gift of prophecy and are looking for a venue to exercise it. You are welcome to exercise it on this thread.


I have a few ground rules that will enable this thread to be the blessing to others it is designed for:


1. Keep your words as encouragements to others. Revealing sin in others is a function for a more private venue and would not be appropriate here. I believe that the Lord wants to lift people up, comfort, encourage, and show His love to them, not put them down or wound them.


2. Keep your words at an appropriate length. Long, involved prophecies will not be read. If you haven't struck oil after just a few sentences, stop boring.


3. Many times the word you will get will be crystal clear and you will be able to give it confidently. Other times, you will not be sure, and wonder if it is just coming from you. Have faith and give it anyway, but if you just cannot, wait until some others have given their words and maybe you will see that others are saying things similar to what you have got. That would be a confirmation to you and will give you the confidence to share your word after all.


4. I know that this way of conducting a prophetic ministry is radical to some and if you don't agree with this manner of sharing prophetic ministry, please have respect for us by not participating in this thread. This is not a debating thread, but a ministry one for those who are in unity with our purpose. I would not want to have to report your post to a Mod and have it deleted on you. If you want to debate the issue, start your own thread and have a good debate without hindering those who come here for ministry.


5. The only person who should be commenting on any word that is given is the subject person. Please do not 'judge' the prophecies of others unless you are the subject person and wish to give feedback to the ones giving the words.


6. One thing that we stipulate in our prophetic workshops is not to give words about hatches, matches, or despatches. In other words, predicting babies, prospective partners or wives, or death are not wise themes to give words about at any time. Too risky.



It is the operation of the gift of prophecy to bring a word from the Holy Spirit from another person who might not know anything about the subject person in the natural. It is a way of sharing God's love to others and so fufil the instruction that we should love God with all our hearts and love our neighbour as we love ourselves. God often speaks and expresses His love to us through other people. This is the function of the Holy Spirit gift of prophecy.



The great thing about receiving prophetic ministry from a number of people is that it is not always the individual prophecies that have the powerful impact, but the collective words that dovetail together into a composite prophecy that really covers what the person is experiencing. This is the miracle of the the gift of the Holy Spirit, that a number of different people can give words in faith and the composite word is so applicable to the subject person.



Now, to put yourself in the place where you can receive words from others, just make your post and say "I'm ready to receive words of encouragement.' Don't tell us what your situation is. The miracle will be that some may correctly identify your situation through words of knowledge and this will be such a blessing for you.


Right. Let's go.



What comes to me is that the eye of the Lord is upon you and His ears are open to your prayers. He pays attention to what you say to Him and immediately moves people and resources to bring into reality the things you have asked for. There are things He cannot do for you right away, because there are things to create, people to influence, battles to fight, and situations in the future that are being developed. But take heart, the Father has heard all your prayers and stored them up in your File that is on His desk right now.




What I sense for you is that God is there, and He is not silent. He did not abandon His creation after He finished creating the world and everything in it. He knows about the times you have prayed and cried out to Him and have been met with silence. The silence is not because the Lord has abandoned you or that He does not love you as much as He loves others.




You are one of the beautiful flowers in God's garden. He spends a lot of time there, admiring all his flowers, and seeing you gives Him satisfaction and joy. His thoughts for you are thoughts of love and of caring. He is there for you, and there is a special place before His throne of grace reserved for you so that you can come to Him, sit before Him and just enjoy His company as he enjoys yours. I sense that He loves to have you on His knee as a father welcomes his favourite child - even though He is the ruler of the universe and many others have to approach Him softly and with awe, you, as His child can run into his holy of holies, jump up onto His knee and tell Him all that is in your heart.




The eyes of the Lord go to and fro throughout the earth searching out those who are faithful to Him. He has looked on you and seen your heart's desire to walk in the steps of Jesus. He hears your prayers in the night when there is no one else to hear, and even when you sigh in silence, He hears and attends to that as well. He is saving up your prayers and tears in a big bottle and has set it in front of Him so you can always be in the forefront of His vision. If you think that God is far away, He is actually near - very close. He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is your friend, your true friend who will always be faithful to you no matter what.




God never disappoints or lets you down. Though you have to wait long for some answers they come at exactly the right time. You may plan your way, but the Lord guides your steps. There are times when you have to find your way in what seems like darkness to you because there is no reliable map or plan to follow. You are forced to progress one step at a time. This is sometimes difficult for you because you like to see the full picture and your future in the long term. This is a matter of security for you; but God sometimes takes that way because He is teaching you that He is your security, and you are learning to trust Him one step at a time. There are times when the track is easy and straight and you can see far into the distance, and there are other times when the track is narrow and winding and you can only see as far as the next corner. God is the great Planner, and He is continually updating His plan for your future. Rest in Him and let him lead you. You may go in different and unexpected directions, but you will have a deep seat peace and a sense of security in Him through all the strange and unfamiliar places.




I sense that God is rejoicing over you with joy unspeakable and full of glory. When God rejoices over someone, all heaven rejoices with Him. His reponse when He sees your faith and love is that He is glad that He sent His Son to die for you. He would have done that even if you were the only sinner who needed saving. He has brought you out of darkness into His marvellous light, and He has tenderly led you in the way He wants you to go. What makes Him rejoice over you is your tender heart toward Him which makes you walk softly before Him. He knows you love Him and has a strong desire to be the best for Him. All His resources are there for you to achieve what you desire in your heart for Him. He anticipates your requests with joy. Ask and you shall receive so that your joy will be full, and that you will be able to share some of the joy that He feels in His heart for you.




The eye of the Lord is upon the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers. This is especially true for you. The doorways of heaven are open to you so that you can come boldly right into His very presence and ask for the things you desire in your heart. Do not underestimate the Father's love for you. As you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart, both temperal and eternal. Don't think of yourself as selfish and grasping by asking for the things you need. It is the Father's good pleasure to give you all you ask for, because He knows that you will use those things for His glory.




Never be afraid of that great Day of the Lord when you will be standing before Him. He will never say 'I never knew you' because He knows you intimately. Because you have searched for Him with all your heart, and your prayers have come up before Him night and day, He has developed a deep knowledge of your heart, your dreams, desires and ambitions. He knows your strengths and weaknesses. He knew you while you were still in the womb. He looked down through the ages when He created the world and planned for your conception, birth and life. He had you in mind when His Son died on the cross of Calvary. You are never out of His sight, and He is never out of earshot of your prayers. Therefore approach Him with confidence and share your heart with Him. Truly your fellowship is with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ whom He has sent. Your heart has called out that you might know Him as He knows you. He has heard that prayer and is teaching you and giving you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.




He will give his angels charge over you lest you dash your foot against a stone. This is given to you to increase your security in Him. If you go to the ends of the earth, He will be there, and even if you find yourself at the gates of Hell, He will be there to support and comfort you. There are things that would come in and frighten you, but where the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against Him. If the Lord would open your eyes to see into the spiritual world, you would see the armies of God surrounding you and protecting you against harm. Those who come against you may look severe and threatening, but they are chained. They have limits to how far they can go. There has been an episode recently when you were under threat, and you were seriously frightened by it, but then it suddenly disappeared. This was the Lord intervening and taking that threat away from you so you could continue on your way in peace. The Father is sending people into your life who will be a support and a blessing to you. They will be known to you by their love and graciousness toward you. They will become your true friends in the Lord and you will have wonderful times of fellowship with them.




I see a weary, dusty traveller walking wearily along a rocky road under the hot blazing sun. He stops at a well which looks old and disused. [I have use 'he' but it could be a 'she' as well]


He looks down into the depths of the well, and the water does not look very inspiring.


[now this is interesting]


While he is sitting there wishing he could get a decent drink of cool water, another person approaches from the other direction. This person is fresh and energetic and mocks the weary traveller for being so tired. The person admonishes the traveller for not having enough faith and for allowing him/herself to be burned out and weary. He also told the traveller off for not stopping at the much better oasis a few miles back when there was the opportunity for rest and refreshing.


The traveller had bypassed that oasis because it was more important at that time to keep on the road and to press forward.


The person carries on his way, leaving the traveller alone again. Then the traveller notices an old parchment lying half buried in the sand near the well. He/she picks it up.


It reads: "If you have faith and trust, you can use the bucket (there is an old a rusty one there that can be lowered on a rope), to draw living water out of this well. It will provide total refreshing for you."


The traveller reads the parchment and his/her face lights up with hope..."




What I sense now, is that you have the choice whether to use the resource that is available to you to receive the living water the Lord has for your refreshing in Him.


There are resources available to you that you know about. They do not look to you that they can supply your need, but appearances are deceiving. God uses the weak things to confound the wise of this world.


Will you use your faith and trust in God to take hold of the tools that are already in your reach so you can be lifted up out of your weariness and be refreshed in the Lord?


God is causing flowers to grow and living waters to flow in your desert. He can cause the desert to blossom as a rose. This is part of His ability to create something out of nothing for you.


I can see a picture of absolute nothingness and darkness, with you standing in the middle of it. You must be standing on a firm foundation because something is holding you up, but it cannot be seen. Perhaps there is just enough there for you to place your feet on. The nothingness is completely surrounding you.


Then there is a voice: "Let there be light!", and the whole area is lit up with a marvellous light, but you cannot see the actual light source. You realise that you are in a large empty room. This room is your life.


As you continue to stand there and look around you, things start being built around you like furniture in the room, but it is not furniture as you know it. It is the parts of your life that God is creating for you to give you meaning right now. Now the room is taking shape and filling up with good things that are giving you joy and fulfillment.


There are still some empty spaces, but God is saying that you are not ready for them right now, but they will be created when you grow to maturity enough to appreciate them.


There is a door at one end of the room. You didn't notice it there just a minute ago. There is a sign on it: "Your Future". You go over and open it. There is nothing but a path extending off into the distance. You hear God's voice saying, I am still creating things for you in this area.


There is another door appearing at the other end of the room. You came into the room through this door. The sign on it says "Your Past." You go over to the door and open it. There is nothing there but another sign: "Forgetting those things that are behind, I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."


Ah. There is something there. A box marked "Your sins." but you can't get into it. It is locked with a great padlock. A voice tells you that God alone has that key and He has thrown it into the deepest sea of His forgetfulness.


You enter the main room again. You discover a large key on the floor. You pick it up. It has a label on it. It reads: "The key to the door of God's Throne Room of Grace where you can enter in boldly and find grace to help in time of need."


I sense that I cannot interpret this picture for you. You have the ability to interpret this for yourself.


I received a real sense of joy when this picture unfolded to me. It is a very clear and vivid picture. I hope it inspires and helps you.




I am getting a picture of a very old motor car. It is still in perfect going condition because it has been lovingly cared for and maintained over the years. The owner is very reluctant to sell it because it has been so much a part of the family for so many years.


But it is too small to hold the expanding family, and some children have to sit on each other's knees to fit into the back set. Also, it is not holding up sufficiently to cope with the new demands being placed on it, and it has broken down unexpectedly during some important times when reliability is absolutely required.


A much loved (but rich) uncle has died and left you a large inheritance. You have the copy of the will, and the money has been transferred to your bank account. You know that you have more than enough money to buy a new car that will meet all your needs, and be robust and reliable to meet all the demands placed on it.


But you are unwilling to part with the old car, because you are very comfortable with driving it, whereas with another car, you will have to go through a learning curve to be comfortable driving it.


And with the new car, you know that you will have to start driving on the freeway, where the traffic is denser and faster. You have been comfortable driving over the old quiet roads in the old car, but now you are being brought to the place where changes have to happen if you are to continue making progress in your life and with your family.


Other members of your family have been telling you and pressuring you to trade the old car in on a new model. They have taken you to see the new car in the show room and you know it is the appropriate car for you.




I sense that there is a time and a season for everything. A time to give, and a time to receive; a time to start something and a time to finish something; a time to sleep and a time to wake up again. Everything has its own time and place, and God is in charge of our times and places.


There are things that are happening to you that have come earlier than expected. This is because God's time frame for doing something with you is different. You would have wanted more time to prepare for it, but God has said 'now' and 'now' it has to be. He is coming ready or not.


There is something else that you would rather happen quickly, but God is saying 'not now' because there is a right time and place for that as well.


But He that calls you is faithful and will definitely do what you are asking Him to do. Even though it is a long time coming, the promise of God will come through your faithful and patient waiting for it.


There is a lesson to be learned through waiting for God to do things in His time. It is a lesson of faith and patience. Patient waiting is a sign of stronger faith than expecting something to happen right away. No harm will come to you while you are waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.




You have been prophesied over for something that has not yet come to pass. You are tempted to think that it was a false prophecy because it has not come to pass in the time you think it should have come to pass, but God's time is not limited to your time. God will bring things to pass in a way that will cause you to know that He is faithful; and because it will be the right time, the fulfillment will be more satisfying and joyful and will add much more to your spiritual life than it would if it had come sooner.



I see a picture of a dove settling on you, influencing the things you are doing for the Lord. The dove is bringing beauty and gentleness to your ministry to others. I sense that the Lord is giving you are ministry to broken hearted people where gentleness and caring is most important. You will give the Word of God to these people in a spirit of kindness and gentleness. This is the fruit of the Spirit that will be most prominent in your life - gentleness. You will come to be known as a gentle person.


You will not be known as a hawk with sharp talons, nor a crow with a loud rawkus cry, or as a clucking hen, but as a dove with a soft touch and a voice of comfort. You will be known as a comforter, a bringer of encouragement where there is depression.


I have just received a sense that your ministry will be really effective with people with depression. You will be a light in their darkness. Your words will have a lifegiving effect because the Holy Spirit will be in them.




Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness because they will be filled. The Lord can see the state of your heart and knows that there is plenty there that He can work with. You have a soft heart toward Him and you are open to whatever He gives you and wherever He leads you. Your capacity for God is being stretched so that what you had before no longer satisfies you. This is why your hunger for him has increased. As you continue to seek Him, He will continue to fill you with good things that you can share with others.



All this is happening because He has a ministry for you. It is not quite clear what that ministry is yet, but it will be in the Spirit and it will bless a good range of people. Your words will come like honey out of the carcase of the lion. Where people are struggling to make sense of life, your words will sustain and feed them.



No one knows the hour or the day when the Lord is going to come. Therefore when He does come, let Him find you doing His will in your life. He is teaching you His ways so that you will gladly walk in His paths. Remember that His path is not always the popular track. You will look at others walking on easier paths with more people for company, while you seem to spend much time walking alone. But there will be people on your path who will be a great blessing to you and they will appreciate you for yourself, love, and care for you.



Do not let anyone despise your youth when it comes to sharing the precious things that God has given you for others. Others may see you as a little higher than a child, but the Lord sees you as a developing woman of God who will grow more beautiful in the Spirit with each passing year of your life.



Remember your creator God in these days of your youth so that when you grow older, the foundation that you are laying now will give you a life full of meaning and purpose even as you grow old. Your future is in the mind of God, and your eyes have not yet seen, nor your ears heard about, nor has entered your heart the wonderful things that God is preparing for you at each stage of your life.



Faithful is the God who calls you to fellowship with Him, who will do all these things in and for you. You are His workmanship in Christ for good works which will be greater and more effective as you mature.



Forget the things that are behind you - the failures and sins of the past, and look out into the future, and step out, confident and unafraid in Him.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This fear is reverential. It is not a terror of someone who will harm you. It is a fear of offending Someone who loves you as one of His own children, and who is closer to you than a brother. The Lord can see your heart and how you desire and search for true wisdom. See first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and this wisdom will be added to you.



Do not allow others to devalue you because of what they see from your outward appearance. The Lord sees far deeper than they ever can. He sees your heart and rejoices at what He sees. Therefore it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Your status before God is as a king or a priest, with the keys to God's most private throne room. Use that key, through prayer and fellowship with Him, freely and at any time you wish. He will be waiting for you there, and you will bask in the light of His loving face which will shine on you night and day.


He promises you that no good desire will He withhold from those who fear Him and seek His face in Spirit and in truth.



The prayers of a righteous person has much effect in his life and the world around him/her. Prayer is the strongest force in the universe because it brings you into direct contact with the creator of the universe who can organise and bring to pass anything which fits in with His plans and purposes for you. The Lord has a plan for your life - a pathway to follow, and as long as you walk this path, you will have safety and protection from those who would seek to hurt you.



No good thing will He with hold from you if you walk uprightly before Him. His gifts are given freely to you to help you live a life that is pleasing to Him and meaningful to you. It is written that the just shall live by faith, therefore as you believe the things that God has written in His Word for you and seek with all your heart to live by them, you will have direct and personal fellowship with God and He with you. You will recognise His voice as that of a close friend and this will give you assurance and peace.



One of the most precious and important messages in the Word of God is that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. This is an important part of the plans and purposes of God for the world - that people should not perish but have everlasting life. For that end, He is still creating and building people's lives so that He can save sinners through them.


This means that you are His workmanship and new creation in Christ Jesus. He is working in you, mostly during those times that you do not sense it happening. He is working in you to prepare you for the ministry He has for you and it involves reaching out to sinners and seeing them brought out of the kingdom of darkness and being adopted into the family of Jesus.


You cannot do this of yourself, and you cannot do it alone, and therefore He is giving you the resources, and is teaching you how to use them for His work.



Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother if he sinned against him, seventy times? Jesus replied seventy times seven. This is total forgiveness for someone who has deliberately set out to hurt you in some way. You cannot do this with your natural strength, but when we are weak, then He is strong within us.


I sense through this that the Lord is wanting to give you a forgiving spirit. It is not that I think that you have an unforgiving spirit, or that there is something wrong with the way you are relating to others. It is that the Lord is working in you to improve the positive spirit that you already have.


There are people in your life who have said and done hurtful things to you, and you are still struggling with the effects and memories of what has happened. You have forgiven as much as you could, and have prayed that the Lord would give you a more of a forgiving heart for these people. But you are still struggling in your mind about these things.



As you place these matters before the Lord and leave them there with Him, you will sense peace from the Lord about them and an assurance that you have placed them in God's hands. He will heal those memories and give you grace to love those people, and as you are led by the Spirit to find opportunities to show the Lord's love to them, you will see the Lord working in these people for good, and you will glorify the Lord for doing what you have thought was impossible.



Because the Spirit gives life to us, walking in the Spirit keeps us always in the paths that lead to life and not death. We cannot always see what is around the next corner when we walk in the paths of righteousness, but we have the assurance that the final destination is life and health for us in the Spirit. Do you want a healthy Spirit? Then walk in the light. If you walk in the light as Jesus is in the light, you will have fellowship with Jesus and His blood cleanses you from all sin. There is no sin consciousness when you walk in the Spirit, because when you walk in the Spirit you are walking in the light of His forgiveness. If the Lord saw sin in your heart, you would not be able to walk in the light, nor would you be able to walk in the Spirit. Walking in the light makes us transparent to God. All hidden secrets are exposed and we are revealed for who we really are. Therefore, do not be afraid of the light. Walk boldly in it, maintaining your sincerity in the Lord. The eye of Lord looks right into your heart and sees nothing that would stop you fellowshiping with Him.



You shrink from the light sometimes because you see weaknesses and sins in yourself; but God does not see them. He sees you as a person who is covered by the righteousness of Christ. The love of Jesus has covered your sins and made to acceptable to His Father in heaven. Therefore have no fear about walking in the light of God's face and glory, because there is nothing in you that would dim that light. Forgive yourself for your weaknesses and sins, because God has completely forgiven you as soon as you confessed them and put them right with Him.



I see a picture of a great sea. It is the sea of God's love and goodness. I see some people paddling at the edges of it getting only their feet wet. There are others who are out up to their knees; and still others up to their waists in the water. But that is as far as they want to go, because the further they get out into the water, the further they are from the safety of the land. The land is their own personal comfort zone. They still need their feet on the bottom so they feel secure in themselves, even though they are partly in the sea of God's love.



But there are others who have had the faith and courage to get right out of their depth and are right over their heads, swimming freely in the sea. They are the ones who are prepared to experience so much of God's love that they are using reckless abandon and have completely left their comfort zone and their worldly security to experience all of the love of God that they can.



Where are you? How much of the love of God are you wanting to have. Are there things in your comfort zone that are preventing you from getting right out there in the deep where the water is over your head; where you have to swim and be completely covered with the love and goodness of God?



God sets no limits on you in what you would ask for and receive. God will give you as much as you are prepared to receive. Launch out into the deep and discover what is there for you. Leave behind those who will seek to hold you back, to limit you to their understanding of how and where you should walk with God.



There are those with you who are also holding back because they are afraid of the unknown. If you decide to launch out into the deeper parts of God's sea, they will see your courage and faith and will be encouraged to follow your example and will cut loose the moorings that are holding them in one place.



Don't be afraid of the future. God will not leave you comfortless. He never leaves His loved ones without support or comfort. He is your refuge, a very present help in times of trouble and stress. Even if you have to go to the ends of the earth, the Lord will be waiting for you to bless you and provide for all your needs. He knows what you have need of even before you ask Him. Keep your security in the Lord and through the changing of your circumstances, the Lord will be the same, because He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.



Jesus said that He would never leave you nor forsake you. He will continue to be faithful to you wherever you are and wherever you will go. Go forward with confidence and assurance. The blessings that you will receive will make up for what you are leaving behind. He will restore everything to you and your life will continue to be rich with His goodness as you live for Him and trust Him with your future.



The fear of the unknown is one of the greatest hindrances of people moving on in God and accessing the blessings and tools that God has for us. We limit ourselves in our witness to people of the love of Jesus for them because we do not know how they are going to respond, and we are afraid to face rejection. We are sometimes afraid to move out in the gifts of the Spirit because we might be wrong and someone will tell us that we are faking it.


But these are not the thoughts of faith. Faith is the assurance of the things we hope for, and the evidence of the things we do not see yet. Faith sees the victory before the battle is even fought. Faith sees your gift of prophecy blessing the lives of others before you even give it. The Lord knows exactly what you are going to say, and who is going to be uplifted and blessed by it.


If there are plans to oppose you, God also knows about them long before they are put into effect. He can forewarn you so that you can change your direction and avoid the traps that they set for you.


Therefore there is nothing to fear as you walk with and fellowship with God. He knows the path you walk and the challenges that are on your way. Meet those challenges with courage because you have a Friend who walks with you closer than a brother.




The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

This fear is reverential. It is not a terror of someone who will harm you.

It is a fear of offending Someone who loves you as one of His own children,

and who is closer to you than a brother.

The Lord can see your heart and how you desire and search for true wisdom.

See first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and this wisdom will be added to you.


Do not allow others to devalue you because of what they see from your outward appearance.

The Lord sees far deeper than they ever can.

He sees your heart and rejoices at what He sees.

Therefore it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Your status before God is as a king or a priest,

with the keys to God's most private throne room. Use that key,

through prayer and fellowship with Him,

freely and at any time you wish. He will be waiting for you there,

and you will bask in the light of His loving face which will shine on you night and day.


He promises you that no good desire will He withhold from those who fear Him and seek His face in Spirit and in truth.



All the testings and temptations that have come upon you have been ones that are common to all people who are seeking to live righteously before God. We also have a great High Priest who knows how you feel about your temptations because He was tempted with the same temptations and testings that you are now experiencing. Although He never gave into those temptations, He knows full well how difficult it is to keep away from sin and failure. Even though Jesus was the Son of God and did not have a sinful nature, He still found the testings and temptations He encountered no less difficult than the ones that are confronting you now.


Therefore as you approach Him for help, forgiveness and cleansing, you are approaching a Person who completely understands the difficulties you are facing. He also know that because all people have a sinful nature that makes them tend toward sin unless the grace of God and the working of the Holy Spirit gives them the strength to withstand temptation, it is impossible for you to be perfect in yourself. If it were so, He would not have seen the need to come and die on the Cross for you.


Therefore, be encouraged in your present battle, and come to Him freely and without fear, knowing that you are approaching a true friend and supporter who stands up for you in the presence of the Father.


Faithful is He who calls you to fellowship with Himself and with the Father, and who will also forgive your freely and cleanse you from all your sin.



It is written that he who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and is baptised, shall be saved. This is the path to the assurance of salvation. When you give your life to the Lord and receive His forgiveness and cleansing, His Spirit witnesses with your spirit that you are a child of God.


There can sometimes be a delay between when God justifies you as a result of your commitment to Him, and the witness in your spirit that you are saved. Just because there is a delay, it does not mean that you are not a child of God, because the Lord adopted you into His family the moment you gave your heart to Christ.


A delay in receiving assurance may come because the Lord has some things He requires of you to change, not to gain His approval which He has already given to you, but to fulfil what is written in James: if you have faith in the Son of God, show by your works to show that your faith is alive.


A living faith is shown by the works it produces. These are not works to earn the favour of God or salvation. These come as a free gift and have already been given to you. But in order to gain full assurance of your standing with God, the Spirit would lead you into paths of righteousness and fruitfulness, where the things of the world pass away and you are able to take hold of the things of God.


If any person is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things have passed away and all things have become new. The Spirit would lead you into newness of life in Christ, but there is a warning to you. After having put your hand to the plough, do not look back, or crave the things of the world that you are leaving behind, because a person starting to look back will start to have a desire to go back into those things which should be left behind. Remember Lot's wife. She looked back at the city she was leaving behind, and lost her life.


If you desire a full life in Christ, with assurance and joy, forget those things that are behind you, and set your sights on the things that are waiting for you in the future. But you must fully cut the ties to your past. Sacrifice your life to the Lord, and allow Him to keep those things that will benefit you in Him and glorify the Lord who saved you.



esus said two things: Blessed are the poor in spirit because they will be satisfied; and blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. I sense that the Lord sees humility and purity in you. You may ask, "How is that so, because I cannot see those things in myself." It is because the Lord sees things you cannot see. You see through a glass darkly. You know in part, but the Lord knows completely. You see your own heart with its imperfections, but the Lord sees you through the righteousness that He has imparted to you through the death and resurrection of Jesus. As soon as Jesus sat down at His right hand, the Father was able to make those who come to Him and trust in His son for their salvation, completely righteous and acceptable in His sight.


You can stand before God without any sense of guilt, shame or inferiority, because of the righteousness that God has bestowed on you as His free gift to you. Therefore you might see imperfection in yourself, but the Lord sees purity in you, and delights over the work that is being done in you to make you more like His Son, Jesus.



You will lay yourself down in peace and sleep for the Lord is the one who makes you to dwell in safety. The Lord is your strength and your refuge. When the large waves of trouble and strife surge toward you there is a pavilion for you to escape to where you will be held from sinking into the water. The waves and the billows of the Lord will wash over you, washing away those things which are not necessary for your life and health in Him. What remains is the purity of the work that He is doing in you. Natural treasure can erode and be stolen away, but the treasure that you are collecting is eternal and will never be lost, because the Lord Himself is the custodian of it. In the Father's house are many mansions, and there is one for you. In it is stored all the treasure that you are collecting through your works of faith.


The Lord will lead you into situations where you will need to obey Him without knowing everything about what is happening to you. But it is better to obey the Word of the Lord when it comes to you through your heart or the written page. As you obey the Lord, you will see the desires of your heart become reality and your life will bear fruit for many.



You are standing on a road that leads up along the side of a hill. From where you are there are other tracks, but one ends up in a swamp, and other leads over the hill but is too steep and rocky. The road that is before you is completely blocked with large rocks that have tumbled down the hillside. Also, past the rocks is a place where the section of the road is completely gone because of the weight of the rocks that hit it.


You can't bypass this section because on one side the cliff face is sheer, and on the other side it is a sheer drop to a raging river.


The only way for you to get to your destination is to repair the road. But the boulders are too large for you to move on your own. There is a friend whom you know, who has just the equipment to help you move those boulders, but there has been a problem between you that needs to be reconciled before you can feel confident about asking for help from that person.


[The flow of thought stopped there quite suddenly. I guess that the interpretation of it is yours to sort out.]



I get the picture of one of those old fashioned water pumps that people sometime use to pump artesian water up from deep in the ground. The pump works when you prime it with a small amount of water poured through the top of it. Then you pump the handle for all its worth to get the water to flow.


The water is sweet and clean. You can drink straight from the pump, because the water does not have anything in it that would harm you.


The water comes out as fast as you pump the handle. If you slow down, the stream of water decreases. Pump for all you are worth and the water gushes powerfully out of the pump. But as much and as long as you pump, the well will never run out. The bore has tapped into an endless supply of fresh water.


Now I see at times the person pumping the handle of the pump gets tired, and slows down and stops. At one point, the person is leaning against the pump fast asleep. But a gust of wind blows and the person wakes up and continues pumping.


There is not only enough water for your own needs, but for all your friends and neighbours as well.


Now I got to the point in the picture, and the thought came to me that this pump is your ministry in the Lord. The water is the output of your ministry. There is a scripture: "Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over."



In the book of Psalms it says 'Thy waves and billows have gone over me." This speaks of the events of life catching up with you and overwhelming you. From that I sense that you will meet with circumstances that will make you feel overwhelmed. I get part of a scripture: "When my spirit is overwhelmed within me..." This speaks to me of things that either are coming or have happened that have given you stress and an overwhelmed feeling. It's a feeling of 'I can't cope with this'.


I am going to look up that scripture in my concordance, because I need to know the rest of it, because there is a key for you in it.


It comes from Psalm 142:3. Here is the whole verse: 'When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, you did know my path.' The thought that comes to me is that when you are in the midst of that overwhelmed sense, then you will know the path the Lord wants you to take.


The rest of the psalm is very interesting and instructive, but it was only that one verse that came to me to apply to you, although the rest of the psalm gives a good background to it.


God waits until you are at the end of your tether some times before He gives you guidance and direction. He does this because He wants you to know that the guidance is not coming from your own resources (which have now run out) but from the resources of His Spirit. I hope that this is helpful and clarifies things for you.



God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. As you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, you will receive things that are impossible to those who think too much of themselves and try to walk independently of Him. The world looks at humility as weakness, but in the Spirit, humility and meekness are strengths that will overcome the world. Do you wish to overcome the world and be strong in God, then walk softly and humbly before God. As you do that, you will be obeying what is written 'walk before the Lord and be perfect'. Not because you will be perfect in your natural self, but you will receive the perfection that comes from the Lord through His Son, Jesus Christ. This comes to those who walk humbly before God, turning from evil and holding fast to what is good.



The grace of God is a bottomless well that always remains full no matter how much is drawn from it. It is not affected by seasons or by changes. You have heard that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The well of grace is the same, because it is eternal with its foundations solidly rooted in heaven where God dwells. God has given this well of grace as a free gift to all those who wish to draw from it.


[I am now getting a picture of it]


This well has a high fence around it, which cannot be scaled by any human being. But there is a narrow gate through which everyone who wishes to draw from the well have to enter. This gate has a notice on it: 'Accept Jesus As Your Personal Saviour'. There is no other gate that will give access to this well, and there is no other well of God's grace anywhere in the world.


This well has a shadow across it. The shadow is in the form of a cross. This water is different from ordinary water. It has blood mixed with it. I asked someone near the well what that was. He told me that someone had come along who had wounds in his hands and feet and had emptied a great container of blood into it. This person said that it was his own blood that he was putting in there. I said, how could anyone drink from a well that was contaminated with someone's blood? Ah, the man said, this blood does not pollute the water. It gives it a special kind of life that when people drink from it, the burdens of their sin falls off their backs. I took a closer look at this man. I could not see his hands, but he had wounds in his feet and a great wound in his side. Suddenly he disappeared, but I wasn't alone. There was a great company of people coming through the gate. As they drank their fears went away and their sadness turned to joy, and they gave honour and glory to the person who constructed that well and made it available to them.


'There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Emmanuel's veins, and sinners washed within that flow, lose all their guilty stains.'


I sense that the Lord wants to remind you of that fountain, that instead of being troubled by your sins and shortcomings, to go and drink as much as you can from the well.


'Burdens are lifted at Calvary.'


[This word to you gave me a real sense of freedom and joy. This picture came flooding into my mind as I started typing, and I am positive that the Lord is wanting to encourage you strongly.]



The Lord has promised you His peace, which is beyond all understanding. It is a peace that comes from above. It is not the same as peace that comes from the world. The peace that comes from the world desires an escape from conflict. The peace of God is not so. It is a deep, settled peace that exists within conflict. Conflicts will come and go, but the peace of God will remain in you. Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth, but the meekness He talks about is not a weak attitude toward conflict. It is self control. God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. There is a place of peace that you can come to, not by avoiding or settling the conflict in your favour, but by receiving special wisdom from God to deal with the conflict in the Spirit. Turn away from the world's methods of resolving conflict, and study the Lord's way. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, longsuffering.


I sense that God is giving you a spirit of patience and longsuffering so that you do not react too quickly to conflict situations, but with the sound mind that He has given you, you will receive new creative ideas to live together in peace with those who come into conflict with you.


Settling conflict does not mean that you have to lose, because you already have the victory in Christ. Your victory is there even though there is no agreement or resolution. It resides in your heart, that your heart is at peace even though the conflict rages around you. Remember that a soft answer turns away anger. When you are being assaulted with angry words, the peace of God in your heart will give you a clear mind and a soft, but confident voice. The softness of your voice will turn away the anger.


But also remember this, the prophet of old (Ezekiel) was sent to prophesy to a people who would not listen. God told him to prophesy even though they would not listen. The Lord will give you words of wisdom to speak, and you may not have the assurance that they will be listened to. Being listened to is not the most important thing. Speaking the words of wisdom in faith is the key to seeing God's will done. Through faith and patience, you will certainly receive what God has promised you in your situation.



I asked the Lord about giving directive prophecies in response to others asking for them, and He came back to me and told me that these were beyond the scope of my anointing. Therefore I cannot tell you whether your situation will resolve itself in the way you envisage or not. I would rather be honest about it, than try to be the great spiritual guy and give you a prophecy that the Lord may not honour and not bring to pass for you.


But I do get a scripture in my mind that is sticking there: "The promises of God are yea and amen to those who believe." That sounds like an encouragement to keep on believing. Also, the other impression that I got was that God heard your very first prayer concerning the situation. If God decides to delay, there is a very good reason for it.


Remember the situation where Samuel told Saul to wait before offering the sacrifices to the Lord. Samuel was delayed and Saul didn't know why. He got impatient and offered the sacrifices himself without waiting for Samuel. This impatience lost him his kingdom. This shows that there are dangers about rushing in before God does what He promised. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son, but he got impatient and had a son through Sarah's handmaid Hagar. Ishmael was the founder of the Arab nations which have been a thorn in the side of Israel ever since.


So, what I get is that you have prayed, God has heard, and if He decides to delay for a long time, for you it is best to wait on Him and rest in the promise, trusting Him. Continuing to pray requests is not productive seeing that God heard the first prayer. The more appropriate thing to do is to wait on Him. "Those who wait for the Lord will not be ashamed."



When Elijah went up to heaven on a fiery chariot, his mantle was left behind, and his disciple Elisha picked it up and the power of God that worked for Elijah worked also for Elisha. This happened because Elisha was bold enough to ask his master for a double portion of the anointing that he had.


God wants you to ask for a double portion of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The person who asks boldly of God for greater power for service will receive what they ask for. It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The power of the kingdom is a resource that is available to you. Remember what is written: "The righteous are as bold as a lion." "The kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force." This speaks of holy boldness which strides into God's throne room, shakes the plaster off the ceiling, and asks God for great abilities and strengths. Why do you think that Jesus said "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth?" The meek are self controlled in their boldness, but they are bold nevertheless. Their boldness moves the arm of God to support them and give them their heart's desires. The boldness of the flesh is uncontrolled and is selfish in its asking so that what they get is consumed on their lusts. But the holy boldness of those who love the Lord and whose heart desire is to serve Him, is accepted by the Lord who rejoices at the courage of His people who approach Him with confidence to ask and ask again for the things they need to do His work in the world.



Noah was a man of God who was directed by the Lord to do something noone had ever done before. He took all the criticism and ridicule for one hundred years for doing something unusual and different for his time. But God backed him up, and Noah was finally vindicated by Him, and those who criticised and ridiculed Him were washed away.


I sense by this that God is wanting you to do something that is different and unusual, and it will draw criticism and ridicule, even from those who are closest to you. As you continue to wait on God, the direction of the Spirit will come clearer to you and your confidence will grow to a point where you will be able to do that thing and bear the criticism that will come to you.


But the promise of God is that as you are obedient to Him, He will show His support for you and confound and shame the critics. He may delay His vindication of you, but it will come at the perfect time. Even though the voices of your critics are loud and persuasive, on the the day that the Lord comes and supports you, they will be silenced as they observe the glory of the Lord as He shows His purpose in what you have done for Him.


'Trust and obey,

For there's no other way,

To be happy in Jesus,

But to trust and obey.'



In the beginning was the Word. God spoke the Word and the universe was created. The centurion said "Lord, speak the word only, and my servant will be healed." The Word of God is creative, healing, strengthening, comforting. The Word of God when it comes to you makes your heart burn within you. The Word of God can guide you and keep you from danger. When you speak the Word of God, you are tapping into the creative power of God. The Word of God is foolishness to those whose values and treasures are tied up in the things of the world. But it is the power of God in those who believe.


If you choose to believe the Word of God, you will see the glory of God. Does not the Word say, stand still, and you will see the glory of God? There are times to act in faith and see the Lord supporting your faith, and there are times to stand back and observe the love and power of God in action.


God's word is yes and amen to those who believe. It is not maybe, it is 'let it be'.


There are a number of doors open to you. You can choose any one of them, because no matter what you choose, and no matter what direction you decide to go in, the Lord will be with you and make things right and good.



You are clean through the Word of God that has been spoken to you by the Holy Spirit. There is a wisdom of the world, and there is a wisdom that comes from above. The wisdom that comes from above is pure and is based on the cleansing power of the Word of God. As God gives you the spirit of wisdom and revelation of the knowledge of Him, you are constantly reminded that the very Word that comes to you reminds you that you have been completely redeemed and cleansed through the power of God.


True wisdom is founded in the Word of God. If your foundations are in the Word of God, then you have a place of ministry in any group who value and depend on that Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Because you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are filled with the Word of God, because the true Word, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one in purpose. The Holy Spirit speaks only the Word of God. He inspires all prophecy, and the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.


Your ministry in the church will be based on the Word of God that has come to you in the quiet times at night when you have waited on God and sought Him for purpose and direction in life. Remember that the Word is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet. There is the written word that points to the Living Word, and the Holy Spirit reveals the Living Word as you study the written Word. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that precedes from the mouth of God. That Word glorifies Jesus and lifts Him up for all to see and be healed.


As you lift up the Living Word, all will observe, and believe in the One who is speaking through you, and they will be healed and delivered as they believe on the Lord whose word is flowing out of you. From out of your innermost being shall flows rivers of living water. This is the Living Word that you shall speak to the people. You shall be known as a person who speaks the Living Word, and people will be drawn to you for encouragement and teaching because of the Living Word that is the Holy Spirit within you.


All God requires of you is obedience to His will, and faith to believe that the Lord is guiding and supporting you in your ministry to others. He has shown you what is good, and this is what the Lord requires of you: to walk justly, have mercy and always lift up Jesus to those who come to you.



There will come the day when the angels of God will go out into all the world and gather up those who love the Lord and bring them together to sit down, eat and drink, and fellowship with the Lord who called them, drew them to Himself, and saved them. The whole of human history is pointed towards and is moving toward this day.


The plans and purposes are moving toward a time when human history will end, and the Lord will come to claim His own and bring just judgement on those who continue to resist His love and grace right up to the last day.


In the same way that people were setting up house, eating, sleeping, getting married, having children, being employed in the days of Noah, when the Flood took them all by surprise and swept them all away, so it is in these last days. The coming of the Lord will be sudden with no warning, and people will be interrupted in their daily lives. Blessed are the people who when the Lord comes, He will find them doing His will.


In the light of the second coming of Christ, and eternity, there are things that have great meaning, and there are things that have little meaning. The people of the world seek after things that will have no meanig in eternity, and will be swept away and burned up when the Lord comes again.


But the treasure that you have built up by serving the Lord, loving others, doing things that have helped and benefited others, will survive that day and will be there for you in all its splendour.


Therefore sift out the things that will have no meaning when the Lord comes. Hold on to those things that will endure the Day of the Lord. Within those things, you will find the right paths, because when you seek the things that will lead you closer to the Lord and make you effective in loving and ministering to others, you will be treading a path to them which will be revealed as right for you.


There are many paths to follow, and you must find out what is at the end of each path, so you can choose wisely. It is not the state of the path, or what you may experience along the way, that is important, but what you will receive and achieve at the end of the path.


Paul says, forgetting the things that are behind, I press forward toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Look for the paths that lead to that mark. You will see the milestones as your move along the way. These will be old milestones, having stood the test of time. Look for the old paths where many saints of God have gone before. These are the reliable ones.



In His presence is fullness of joy. Where is the presence of the Lord? How do you get into His presence? If the Holy Spirit is living in you, the presence of the Lord is in you. No matter where you go or what you do, you will never leave the presence of the Lord. That presence is there whether you sense it or not. Practising the presence of God requires faith. If you believe that the Holy Spirit is in you, you can believe that the presence of the Lord is with you all the time.


He said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. He will always be with you. Sometimes it might be like there is a dark cloud over the sun, but no matter how thick the cloud is, the sun is always there. It does not go away. The dark clouds cannot chase the sun away. Soon the clouds will roll away and you will see the sun again. So it is with the presence of God. It is always with you, even when you feel alone, sad, frustrated, angry. Even in those times you still can have fullness of joy, because the joy of the Lord is the foundation of your life. Therefore you can be lonely and sad, and yet sense a deep abiding peace and joy underneath it all.


This is because of the presence of God with you. Jesus said, I will be with you until the end of the age. He has gone to sit at the right hand of the Father, but the Holy Spirit is here to be your guide and comforter, and this is exactly the same as having Jesus right here with you.


Encourage yourself with these words.



How many times must you forgive your brother? seven times? Or is it seventy times seven times? Forgiveness does not run out. It keeps on coming no matter how many times the other person offends you. Even though the actions of others bring hurt and disappointment, forgiveness is the most effective way in the Lord to deal with it. The alternative is bitterness. Be careful that you do not allow a root of bitterness to grow within you because of the failings of others toward you. The servant is no better than his master. If your Master endured harsh words of criticism and ridicule, so will you because you are not better than Him. And in receiving those words in the same way that the Master received them, you are identifying with Him in what He had to endure.


But there is one thing that He endured that you will never have to endure. That is the Father turning His back on Jesus because of the weight of our sin that He took upon Himself. That is the greatest suffering of all - to be separated from the Love of God.


Who can separate us from the Love of Christ? Nothing. Not even the unkind words of those closest to us, nor the threatening words of bullies, nor the critical words of teachers. These cannot separate us from the love of Christ which is shed abroad in your heart through the Holy Spirit.



When I give prophecy in response to a request for guidance, I have to say that guidance is drawn with a road marking brush rather than with a drafting pencil. Prophetic guidance is an art, not a science. The best form of guidance in from what the Spirit says to you in the private place with God. Prophecy confirms that guidance and puts the icing on the cake. But you must have the cake first before you can put icing on it. The cake is what you get during private prayer and fellowship. The icing is the prophecy.


Here is what comes to me:


In times past, God spoke through His prophets in various ways and means, but in these last days, He has spoken through His Son, Jesus. The voice of God that speaks to you is the voice of Jesus conveyed to you through the Holy Spirit.


I sense that the Lord would want you to do an indepth study of what Jesus did for you on the Cross. It is by coming to the foot of the Cross, that you will see life's meaning for you. There is no meaning in life outside of Jesus. Your fellowship is with God and His Son Jesus Christ. The world will tell you much about meaning and friendships and the importance of the things of this life. But the Lord will provide all the things you need without you having to search and struggle for them. This leaves your heart free to really consider what Jesus did for you. It is in fully understanding the length, breadth, height and depth of the love of God for you in the act of sending His Son to die for you on the Cross that will add much meaning to your life. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Being close to Jesus will show you the Way to a successful life full of meaning. Listening to His voice through the Spirit will put your life on a foundation of Truth, where you will never live a lie, but live according to sound, godly principles. As you fellowship with Jesus and let His life flow into you, you will always walk in that newness of Life that God has promised you. Remember your creator in the days of your youth, so that when you become old and lose many of life's pleasures, you will retain that depth of meaning and joy and only God gives.



After giving that word, I am reminded of E W Kenyon's book, The Father And His Family. This is an excellent book to show you what the Father and Jesus went through when Jesus died for you on the cross. I fully recommend that you get hold of a copy and read it. I did when I was 20 years of age, and it transformed my whole thinking about the death and resurrection of Jesus.


I hope this helps.



There is a city whose maker and builder is God. There is a home for you there, and it is being furnished with the treasures that you are building up for yourself as you love and serve the Lord. There are no locks on the doors and there are no security systems in your house, because they are not needed. In God's city, there is no crime because there is no sin.


As you set your goals in life, your main goal is entry into this city. It is where you will meet the Lord face to face, because His presence and glory provide the light for it.


You have already started on your journey to the city of God, and you are not alone as you travel. God is providing guides along the way. These are reliable guides who will assist you in your knowledge and confidence in the things of God. Therefore be teachable and listen to these guides because they have been provided by God for your good.


There will be times when there will be no guides for your journey. This is where you will have to trust in the still small voice of God. Trusting that voice is a sign of Christian maturity, because you will have gained experience and learned to distinguish that voice from all the others voices of the world, flesh and devil that also speak to you from time to time.


Know this: The love of God has been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit. This means that you will be able to distinguish between the true voice of God and false voices. The true voice will be consistent with the love of God that is in your heart. A false voice will not have that quality. But it takes time, experiences and mistakes, to know that voice more clearly.


Be encouraged in the truth that you are on the journey to the city, and the Lord is walking with you to keep you from all harm.



If you walk in the light as Jesus is in the light, you will have fellowship with each other and the blood of Jesus will cleanse you from all sin. This light is not a physical light. It is the light of the realisation that Jesus died for you and you are righteous in the sight of God. As you walk in faith and boldness toward God, knowing that you are forgiven, cleansed and have been transformed into a New Creation in Christ, you will see God's power working through you to others who need the gospel. It is only the gospel of Christ that will be effective and powerful in saving people and changing lives. There will be hindrances and challenges, but the Lord has promised that He will be with you until the end of the age. Therefore, trust the Lord who is with you. You may not always see Him supporting you, and the faces of those who oppose you could look very threatening, but the Lord is your shield and defender. Living a life of trust in the Lord is an effective, joyfilled life.



Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. This type of faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It is the Word of God that is a light to your path and a lamp for your feet to prevent you stumbling in areas where the way is darkened. There are many places where the way is darkened in front of you and your natural instincts and sight will fail you. It is in these places that you will need the guidance of the Word of God. Seeing the way darkened before you can generate fear in your heart because you no longer know the way to go, but as you receive the Word of God, this will generate faith in your heart and the confidence to continue.



A tank is only useful for holding water when there are no holes in it. When a tank becomes so rusty that it develops holes, it becomes unrepairable and it needs a whole new tank to keep your water supply going. It is the same with your life in Christ. Your old life and the things in it is of insufficient strength to hold the living water that the Lord wants to pour into it. It needs a completely new life. This is what the Lord has given you. He has not patched up your old life. He has made you a whole new creation in Christ - given you a new life with new desires and values.


If you turn back to your old life, the flow of living water will stop and you will become thirsty and suffer spiritual dehydration. To fix this, you need to turn back into your new life in Christ and pursue the values that are contained in it. The Lord has opened up a new and living way, and He wants you to walk in it.


I sense that there are things in your old life that need to fall away. It is the presence of these things that is disrupting the stability of your belief structure. Turn away from those things that do not profit you, and hold fast to the new things that do profit you in the Lord.


There are things that need to be put on the altar to be sacrificed in order for you to move forward in Christ. These things will not like being put on the altar, and they will struggle and plead to be let go; but you must be strong and put these things to death - relationships, friendships, activities, attitudes, resentments. All must go and be replaced by relationships, friendships, activities, and attitudes that come to you from the Holy Spirit.


This is the way forward.



Truly your fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. You can fellowship with other Christians and you can enjoy the solitude of being totally alone, but the most meaningful place of fellowship is when you separate yourself from every other person and walk into the very presence of the Father.


He is your Father. Whoever your earthly Father is or was, and whatever model he showed you for living; whether it was very good and commendable, or very bad and traumatic, your heavenly Father shows you the best model of all. He is your true Father if you are in Christ. When you were born again, you were born into the most wonderful family you could ever imagine. God is your Father, and Jesus is your brother. Doesn't the Word say that Jesus is the first born of many brethren. That means that Jesus is proud to be your brother.


He may be your Lord and your Saviour. He is those precious things to you. But I really sense that He wants you to know that He is your brother; your true brother, and you can fellowship with Him as you would a brother. He is more than that. He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is a special brother, He is more than a brother if that is possible. He is a brother who will always be supportive, faithful, honest, and loving. You could have no brother ever like Him.


God is your Father. The same could be said of His Fatherhood as has been said about Jesus' brotherhood. He is the greatest, most loving, supportive, understanding Father you will ever have. Even your own father will one day bow his knee to the great Father in heaven who is his God and Father also.


Therefore, in your private intimate time with Him, see Him as your Father over and above anything else. Of course He is the Lord of glory, and in so many ways He is high and lifted up and there are many things that we could never understand about Him. His awesomeness can swamp our minds and make us just stand in wonder at his greatness and majesty at times. But remember this, within all that glory and majesty, God the Father is your Father, and you can approach Him freely and fellowship with him as His child. Even if you were the last person on this earth, He will still feel honoured to call Himself your Father.



In the year that king Uzziah died, Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up, majestic and awesome in His holiness. His voice said "Who can I send? Who will go for me?" Isaiah said, "Here I am, send me!"


I sense that there is a need that you are aware of it, and you are not sure whether you are the person that God wants to send to minister to it.


Now I am talking here in pure faith. A second ago when I started this word, these thoughts weren't there. After the last prophecy I gave about the Fatherhood of God, I was so blessed by that, that I thought that it was going to be a hard one to follow. But I have received a set of definite thoughts as I started your word, and I wanted to take time out and share this.


I think that what I am getting is a word of knowledge. There is someone with a real need. You are tempted, because of your sense of weakness to be able to minister in this area, to do nothing in the hope that someone else will go and do it. Or that you could call someone up and ask them to go and minister in this area.


But I strongly sense that God wants YOU to go, even though you feel weak and incapable. Faithful is He who calls you to do this, and also will do whatever is needed to minister to this need through your faith. All God requires of you is to have enough faith to say to Him, "Yes. I will do it. I will go." He will do the rest.


Do not be afraid of the faces of others, or of their questions. You have the authority of God to be used of Him in this instance. Here is a scripture that God gave to Joshua, I believe that He has given it to me for you:


'No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous, for you shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success whereever you go. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.' (Joshua 1:5-9)


This is the first word where I have felt led to quote a passage of Scripture like this. This whole word is quite unexpected to me, but I feel strongly about it. I am giving this in pure faith, because I know nothing of your circumstances at all.


This word goes with the prayer that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart are acceptable in His sight.



It is not what you see with your physical eyes that makes up the truth of what you are encountering. It is what you see with your eyes of faith. When it says that the Word is is a light to your path, it means that it does not light the way for your physcial eyes to see, but your spiritual eyes are enlightened by the Word for you to see the path that is mapped out for you.


There is a path mapped out for you and you will only discover it through the light of the Word of God. As you read the pages of the Scriptures, you will receive wisdom and revelation and your spiritual eyes will be enlightened and you will see the path take shape before those spiritual eyes.


Faith will make you see what your natural eyes cannot see. Faith will also make you comprehend in your spirit what your mind cannot comprehend in its natural state.


Commit your way to the Lord and lean not to your own understanding, and the Lord will bring things to pass that you do not see now. Though you see Him not, you believe, and rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, because as you discover His will in His Word, your spiritual eyes will be opened and you will see the light of the glorious gospel of Christ and all its wonders. As the glory of the Lord through the gospel shines all about, you will see the path that you are to walk in.


Remember that the shadow of the cross is across that path. In order to walk in that path, there is a task. Take up your cross, deny yourself and follow the Lord as He leads you on that path. As you decrease, He will increase, and you will witness His glory.



It is written that man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. It is the heart that is at the centre of Christian faith. 'Create in me a clean heart' prays the Psalmist. If you have a clean heart, then the rest of you is clean also. Jesus said, 'You are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.' The Word of God, as it enters your heart, has a cleansing effect on you.


When others judge you, they are judging your outward appearance. Therefore their judgement is unsound, because they are not seeing what God is seeing in you. The judgement of the Lord is sound and perfect because He looks into the deepest regions of your heart and spirit, where natural man is unable to penetrate.


Even those closest to you are unable to see you as you really are, because they still see things in a natural way. Do not trust the judgement of a person just because they know you well, or have known you for a long time. They still have the potential to mislead you.




I was thinking about all the prophecies that I have given on this thread, and a number of people have said that they have read them through and been really encouraged by them even though they were not specifically for them.


The conclusion that I have come to, is that not only have my prophecies been accurate for the people who have asked for them, but they have also been applicable for the general readership as well. They are true in themselves, because the Lord has inspired them (proved by the way the subject people have been able to receive them), and therefore because the Lord's voice is found in them, they can be an encouragement to the faith to anyone who decides to read them.


I have come to the conclusion that good encouraging prophecy has this two fold function. They can be specific for a person, yet be generically encouraging for the wider readership. God said that His word would not return to Him void. This means that in 12 months time a person could be reading through the prophecies and be zapped by one and have a change of heart and life through it. This is because the Word of God is living and keeps living long after it is given.


Look at the prophecies that have been given on this forum. Which ones have been a general encouragement to you? And which ones have you dismissed as not matching anything that you need in yourself?


I believe that the test of good New Testament prophecy is that you can read it in 1 year, 2 years, five years from now, and it would still encourage you and build up your faith.


This is why the Bible has stood the test of thousands of years. It is a prophetic book, and thousands of years after the words were inspired and written, men and women still draw encouragement and find the voice of God in them today. This is what the prophetic is all about.


Jesus said that His words are spirit and they are life. This is true whether we read the printed Bible, or hear/read an inspired prophecy.


Just in case someone wants to start a little fire on my view of my own prophecies. I only believe they are inspired because the people who have received them have told me in their responses that they are inspired by God for their needs. If noone had come back to me and told me that they heard God's voice in my prophecies, I would have no basis to believe that they were inspired at all.




The Lord is not a man that He should lie, neither is the son of man that He should repent. What the Lord has said to you before through other Christians and through the preacher is no lie. When the voice of God comes to you, it is the truth. Jesus said 'I am the way, the truth and the life.' The words of Jesus are truth. The words of the wise people of this world cannot be relied on to be the truth for you, therefore turn away from those who are advising you through the wisdom of this world, and turn to those who are building you up, exhorting, and comforting through the Holy Spirit in them. You can truth their word because the voice of God comes through them, and God cannot lie.


Also, the teaching that comes to you from the Holy Spirit through the Word that you read, and through faithful men and women of God, is the same now as it always has been. God does not change his mind about the things He wants you to do. Has He spoken to you before about these things? Has He changed His mind about you? No, because the promises of God are yes and amen to those who believe.


Therefore God wants you to trust the Word that has come to you in previous times, and believe that they are still applicable to you in what you are seeking today.



The Lord is your shepherd, you shall not lack anything that you need in life. He will lead you into green pastures where you will be fed and nurtured. He will lead you beside still waters where you will find rest and peace in Him. He is restoring your soul. There have been times when hurts and disappointments have come and have taken large chips off your faith and confidence in God. There have been people you respected in the church who have spoken things that have wounded you. Because you have thought that these people knew the voice of God concerning you, you have sometimes thought that God has not loved you as much as He promised He would.


But the voice of God is a reassuring, encouraging voice. He is the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. His voice is full of love, encouragement and comfort. His thoughts toward you are thoughts of love, understand and support. No good thing would He withhold from you, because you are His child and He loves you as His own child.


He decided to adopt you into His family. The choice to call you, draw you and arrange circumstances so you could respond to the invitation to come to Christ was not yours at first. He called, and you responded. He was the one who opened your mind to the Gospel and helped you to understand how important it was to accept Jesus into your life. Why did He do this? Because of His great love for you.


Therefore, trust in His love, and don't underestimate it. Through His love for you, nothing is impossible for you to achieve. Turn away from the hurtful, wounding words of those who do not understand the love of God for you, and turn your face squarely onto the loving face of Jesus, who gave up His life for you on the cross. Allow the love of God to captivate your heart.


He is going to bring into your life those who truly love Him and who will love you. When you meet them, you will know that these ones love you as Jesus loves them. They will never hurt or wound you. They will encourage and comfort you.



Fear not thou man of valour, because God is with you. His presence is more than with you, He is in you through the person of the Holy Spirit. If God is for you, who can be against you. You need to know that God is for you right now, and the Lord is saying that so that you will have the courage to face up to those who are telling you things that discourage you, and to give them the Word of God. The Word of God is alive and is a two edged sword that cuts right through to the heart and brings the awareness of God's presence and power - to the Christian, comfort and strength - to the unbeliever, conviction of sin, righteousness and judgement to come.


The Lord has given you a commission. Go out with all courage and speak to sinners of sin, righteousness and judgement to come, and He will be with you, backing up your words with His power. Do not be afraid of their faces, or their words, because even though there may be strong threats against you, there can be nothing that can in any way hurt you because God is your shield and defender.



When you asked God for cleansing and forgiveness for your sins, He took them and threw them into the deepest sea of His forgetfulness; and when God forgets something, they stay well and truly forgotten.


I sense that there are some things in your past that caused you shame and embarrassment, and when you want to wait on God, or to serve Him in some way, these things come back to you and hinder your faith. They seem like thorns in the flesh to you.


Also, there are temptations that come when you really want to be successful in serving God, and your faith takes a nosedive when you succumb to these temptations, and although you immediately ask God to forgive and cleanse you, there is still a struggle in your heart to exercise faith.


I sense that this happened to you just at an important time when you were about to minister to someone, and you felt really disappointed in yourself because you felt that if you had not have failed God in the area of a particular temptation, you would have been more confident and would have ministered more effectively to the person.


I want to say to you that God's forgiveness is complete and final. Your shortcomings and failures do not prevent you from ministering for Him in the power of the Holy Spirit. He knew about your thorns in the flesh long before you started your ministry, and He called you into it anyway. This is because He sees and knows your heart. Even though there may be things about your life that are not as pure as you would like them to be, God can see your purity of heart and your faith in Jesus. That makes you totally acceptable to Him no matter how you feel about yourself.



For your weapons are not natural ones, but nevertheless are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds and casting down empty imaginations, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. Therefore when you go into battle against the powers of darkeness that would hinder you from true worship, fellowship and sharing the gospel with others, know that God is with you and has given you tools and weapons that are spiritual and powerful for the accomplishment of the mission that He has given you.


You don't have to worry about how the battles are going to be fought or who will be there to help and guide you. The Lord will provide these things for you. They that know the Lord will be strong and do exploits for Him. They will win victories, and achieve the impossible, because God is the God of the impossible. What is impossible to the natural man, is possible with the God who can create a whole universe out of nothing with just a word.



The Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save. His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear. Even though you have sought Him with all your heart and not heard His answer in your heart, this does not mean that He has not heard you. Your prayers are coming up to Him continually, with your requests, and He knows just the right time to answer them.


What God has promised you, He is able to perform, but He has His times and seasons; and when He comes to fulfil your request, it will be at the exact right time, no sooner and no later.


This is because granting your request is going to impact on someone else, and that person is still being prepared. Once the conditions are right, the fulfilment will come, and you will know that it is the right time. It is through faith and patience that we receive the things God has promised us.



Grace be to you and the peace of God through Jesus Christ your Lord. The word for you is that God's grace is sufficient for you. You don't have to add anything of yourself to the grace of God for it to work in you to make you a person that brings pleasure to the heart of God. Resting in the grace of God will bring that God-given peace into your life. When you are restless and stirred up in your heart because of circumstances and pressures, knowing that the grace of God is working for you and in you calms the storm that rages within you and brings a settled, lasting peace.


Some of these storms are raging around and about you in the lives of others close to you, and because you are filled with the grace of God, your presence can bring peace and calm those storms. Blessed are the peacemakers because they shall be called the children of God.



Obedience is better than sacrifice. It is not about what you sacrifice for the Lord that is most important to Him. You may think that to be close to the Lord you may have to sacrifice things that are meaningful to you, and to put away people that you think the Lord may not approve of; but God has a different attitude. He values your obedience to the things He says to you when you hear His voice.


His voice is not insistent and demanding like the voice of those who are trying to manipulate or to control you. His voice is calm and reassuring. But also His voice is penetrating and powerful, and He says things that He would expect you to obey. In obeying the things He tells you, you give Him the ability to bring you into places of service and ministry that you never thought possible. Obeying the voice of God opens doors that otherwise would never open to you. Opportunities are taken and not lost when you hear and obey the voice of the Lord to you.


Therefore don't think of the things you have to give up for Him. He is speaking to you in that still small voice, and as you recognise it and obey Him, you will see the impossible become the possible.


You will recognise His voice because He said 'My sheep know my voice and they follow me.' Therefore take time to listen and recognise His voice when it comes through a trusted friend, or through the Bible, or through the preacher, or through prophecy, or just directly to your own heart and mind. Then whatever He says for you to do, then do it.



The Lord is not the kind of god that is made of wood or stone, who cannot feel emotion and be able to hear the prayers of those who come to him with their needs. Our God is a living God who has emotions and intelligence. It is written that we have a Great High Priest who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities.


God knows your weaknesses better than you know them yourself. You think that your weaknesses would hinder the work of God in you, and you struggle in your own strength to try and make your weaknesses into strengths, and then get very discouraged when all your efforts seem in vain. Also there are others in your life who are reminding you of your weaknesses and how you should be improving yourself if you want to be an effective man of God.


Remember that God uses the weak things of this world to show His power and strength. Remember that when King David raised an army to fight a battle for him, he used all the misfits, and grumpy people that he could find. Through them he won the victory. God does not necessarily use those who seem strong in the world's eyes. Sampson did not look strong to those who met him, because his strength was in the Lord, not in his physical body. Therefore his physical body could look as weak as any other man's but when strength was needed to do God's will, it was there because he became strong when he was anointed by the Holy Spirit.


Therefore your weaknesses will not stand in the way of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry. God does it this way to show that if anyone is going to boast, it is not in themselves but in the grace of God. The grace of God is sufficient for you. Draw your strength from His well, and not try and improve your own well, which is barren and dry anyway.


Stand up to those who would discourage you with their natural way of looking at things. Tell them that although you seem weak to them, you and standing in the strength of the Lord and the power of His might in your life, and the Holy Spirit will do His work and achieve the impossible in your life.



The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers. There is no time when the Lord decides to take time off from hearing prayers of His people. It is written that Jesus always lives to make intercession before the throne of God for the saints. This means that no matter what time your prayers come up to Him, He is there to hear and listen to them.


There is nothing in you or anyone else that can stop your prayers being heard by the Lord. Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ. No person or spirit; not even your own weaknesses and shortcomings can separate you from the Lord who loves you and gave Himself for you. The Holy Spirit does not leave you just because you succumb to temptation and fall into sin. Even though you have failed everyone, God and yourself, you still have the freedom to come before the throne of grace with boldness, not because of yourself, but because Jesus died for you and took your sins away.


Therefore, bring your requests boldly to the Lord. Allow Him to fight on your behalf. The battle is not yours, but the Lords. He is the captain of your army, and the armies of the Lord are there to defend you even though you cannot see them. But the enemy can see them and is trembling with fear.


Therefore, resist the devil and he will flee from you, because he knows that the army of the Lord is there to fight on your behalf. You are not alone. The Lord is totally faithful and He will bring to pass the things He has promised you. He is able to do what you are asking Him, and there is nothing that can stand in the way.



They that wait for the Lord shall never be ashamed. There are times when the answer to prayer seems a long time coming. We have told others that we have prayed and are expecting an answer from God. When it does not come right away, there are some who poke fun at you because they think that you were foolish in praying the prayer in the first place. They ask you: "Where is God when you need Him? Why doesn't He answer your prayer?" Has He forgotten you?"


They say that maybe you have sinned and failed Him and He is withholding His answer from you for that reason. This rocks your faith and you now feel troubled. But many of the promises of God come through faith and patience. Even though the promise is long in coming, we hold ourselves in hope, and with patience wait for it. Patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit. Tribulation works patience in you. Do not fear the times of tribulation as if they are going to shame you or destroy your faith. God will not allow you to be tested that far. He will step in at the right time to bring you the fulfilment of the promise and the freedom from bondage.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and He will direct your way. Wait for Him and you will see His glory in the way He brings the fulfillment of His word to you.



After a little while waiting for an impression, I get the thought that God is very close to you. A lot closer than you think. It may be that you feel that God is so far away that He is difficult to find. You can see Him in the Bible, but you are having trouble perceiving Him in reality. Possibly a bit like the George Harrison song "My Sweet Lord" (ignoring the Eastern Religions bit), where he wanted to see and know the Lord but it takes such a long time. What God promises you is that if you seek the Lord with all your heart, you will find Him. The instruction is to seek the Lord while He may be found. He can be found, but you must apply yourself to seek Him. The Spirit may come to you and say "seek the face of the Lord" and your reaction will be "your face, Lord, I will seek'. The Spirit will show you how to seek God's face in a way that you will find Him. One second there will be nothing, and the next you will know that He is there and very real. He can do that. As you reach out to Him, He will come to you.



Faithful is He that calls you and will do it for you. God is more faithful than what you think. His faithfulness is boundless and will never run out, no matter how faithless you feel. His faithfulness completely overrules your lack of faith. When you do not feel that you have the faith to carry on, just a willingness to believe in God's faithfulness is enough to give you the assurance that God will continue to support you. He is the light in your darkness. You see darkness, but God is in the light and He sees you clearly. He will give His angels charge over you so that you will not accidently stray from the paths of righteousness. Through faith and patience you will inherit God's promises to you.


I sense that God has promised you things, but there have been problems in the provision of those promises. Just because God delays, it doesn't mean that He has forgotten you. There are reasons why God delays - He is developing you to the place where you can receive them, or there is a spiritual battle that He is fighting for you and when the victory is gained, the promise will be released to you. Wait a little longer, and He will come and your joy may be full. Even though it is a long wait and you are getting weary with waiting, He will not let you faint or fail.



The impression that I get for you is the God is going to let the earthquake, wind and fire pass by you, but He will not be in those things. When all the tulmult has died down, there will be a still, small voice. God will be in that voice. He will say, "this is the way, walk in it, digressing neither to the right hand or the left, but walk the staight path." The path will be a narrow way with few options and few open doors, but the doors that will open to you will lead you into greater joy and fruitfulness for him.



As soon as I set up this reply, a scripture came into my mind: "God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble." I hear Him saying do not be afraid of the times of trouble in your life as if they are going to harm you. It is in these times that God is closest to you. In fact, when you sense him the least, the closer He is. You do not have to feel His presence for His presence to be with you. You can be in complete darkness and confusion, but God is not confused about you. His mind and heart are completely clear about you. His thoughts are those of love, goodness, and grace. He loves to draw near to you to be your comforter and He gets immense joy out of being that to you. He is the God of all comfort, even the comfort you need. When you are in that dark and confusing place, rest in the assurance that God has become your strength to overrule your personal weakness. When you are weak, then He is stronger. The weaker and more frail you feel in yourself, the stronger He is to you.



What came into my mind immediately I started thinking of you is that the person whom the Lord sets free is free indeed. You are a completely free person, even if you feel that you are in bondage to things in your life, God sees you as completely free in Him through Christ. Jesus has set you completely free from all those things that have held you in bondage. He has also set you free from every negative, wounding word that has ever been said to you for as long as you can remember. A wounded spirit, who can bear? You have struggled over the years with old wounds, but Jesus has come and bound them up and put His ointment on them and has soothed the pain. Those words will never hurt you again, or limit your faith again. Turn your back on the past and look forward to what the Lord has for you in the future. Your eyes have not yet seen, nor your ears heard of the things that the Lord has still in store for you. Blessed are you among all women!



What has come into my mind for you is that God's grace is sufficient for you. No matter what you have done, and no matter how you have felt that you have failed God in some way, His grace is sufficient to give you the freedom and privilege to come boldly to the throne of grace to find cleansing, forgiveness and fellowship with God. Don't fret over those things that you are struggling with - the things that you have not yet got the victory over. God knows, because while you were still a sinner, before you accepted Christ, He sent His Son to die for you. While Jesus was on the cross suffering and dying, He looked down through the years and saw you. He was glad to die for you, and when He walked out of the tomb, He knew that He was doing this for YOU, as if you were the only person He needed to save. If you were the only sinner in the world, He would have gone through all that for you anyway. Be assured, no matter what your state, God's grace is sufficient for you.



What comes into my mind is do not fret because of evil doers. I get the sense that people have been doing evil things and this has upset you deeply. Perhaps the evil things have affected you directly, perhaps in what they have said to you, or something that was done to you. I sense that you may have been subjected to some kind of anger or violence and this has really upset you and taken your peace and security away. The Lord would want to come and confort you in your affliction. There is no testing that will be so great that you will not be able to bear it. You may come close to not being able to cope, but then the Lord will do something that will break the cycle and bring you to a place of peace and security. Therefore do not fret because of the evil that has been done, but rest in the Lord and allow Him to fill you with His love and peace.



But as I told the Lord about that and waited, I got the scripture, 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to...bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free.' Notice that I did not get the whole verse, but just those two aspects of it. Also, I got an impression that God is developing you into a powerful ministry for Him where you will not be subject or hindered by those who look on the outside of you and try to put you down for your ideas. The ministry that I believe that God is leading you into is one where you will have skills at dealing with broken hearted people, and you will be able to speak words and do things that will bring healing to broken hearts. Also, you will have a ministry to those who are in bondage and who are captive to sin and Satan. I do not get clearly that casting out demons will be part of your ministry, but certainly you will have the ability to break the bondage of the world, flesh and the devil in people. God is no respecter of persons, and your age does not matter to Him as much as it might to other people. Therefore do not be held back by your youth, but get yourself into the place where you will know the direction of the Lord, and start ministering for him without fear. The fear of man is a snare. Do not be trapped in it. Don't be afraid of the expressions on the faces of those who question or oppose you. Choose your teachers wisely and hold only to the ones who will encourage and support you in your ministry. God is with you and will lead you.



What I get is 'Blessed are the poor in spirit... blessed are they that mourn because they shall be comforted. Let the poor say I am rich. There is a richness in God that is there in your despite the fact that in many ways you feel that you are poor in your spirit. Your spirit is always willing, but you can be hinded because you sense that your flesh is weak, therefore you believe sometimes that your love for the Lord is not what it should be, and that you don't have enough faith, and that your spirituality is inferior to those around you who seem to be doing great things for God. But it is one thing to look on the outward appearance, and quite another thing to have to spiritual discernment to see into the hearts of people. The Lord is developing within you the discernment to see underneath the surface and as that skill is developed in the spirit, you will be able to see through to the heart of a person and be able to minister to him or her in a far deeper way than you have ever imagined. You will be able to minister in the prophetic, using the gifts of the word of knowledge and word of wisdom and discerning of spirits, to see underneath the surface of people and be able to give strong words of encouragement and comfort to those who are suffering. This is not a gift so that you can see sin in people, and there is a warning not to use your gift to put others down or be judgemental. The Lord's design is that you be a powerful model for comfort and encouragement to people who are going through heaviness of spirit and depression. There will be people delivered from depression through the uplifting and loving words that will come to you for them.



What came to my mind when I saw your request was: Who has known the mind of the Lord? Who has ever been able to be His counsellor? God's ways are not our ways. As high as the heavens are above the earth, the ways of God are above our ways. Also: Commit your ways to the Lord, delight yourself in Him, and He will direct your paths. I sense that you are faced with a series of decisions in your life, and it is crucial that you choose the right path because going in the wrong direction could make things very difficult for you. I think that this thought is making you apprehensive about making the decision. It seems that there are a number of doors open to you and you are not sure which one to go through. Also, I sense that you feel that time is running out, and you have to make a decision fairly shortly. As you wait on Him, you will hear His voice saying to you 'This is the way, walk in it.' During the waiting processes a door that you thought was an important one will close, and this will disappoint you, and this is where you are reminded that God's ways are not your ways. But when the voice comes, and you go through the right door, then you will understand why this was the right door for you.



The timing of the Lord is perfect. He is neither premature, nor is he too late when He answers prayer or comes to meet an important need. He has promised to supply your needs, but He has His perfect time to do that. If He comes too early, some important parts of the equation may not be completely developed. If He comes too late, important opportunites may be lost. Remember Abraham and Hagar. God promised Abraham a son, and Abraham tried to pre-empt the timing of God and this brought inconvenience and suffering to him, Hagar, and her son Ismael. Isaac came at God's right time. Moses tried to pre-empt God's timing concerning Israel when he killed the Egyptian. This caused him to flee Egypt and so ruined his confidence, that when God did call him to go and speak to Pharoah, God had to commission Aaron to go with him to help him speak to Pharoah. Therefore, consider these things when you are thinking about the decisions that you are to make at this time. God is mindful of your needs and desires, and He has the right time for you. The promises of God are obtained through faith and patience.



They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall rise up like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.


I sense that you have often felt weakness, weariness, and a feeling of being faint at times. Your spirit has been willing, but your flesh has been weak. You have been frustrated because you have wanted to do things for God, but your physical being has been a hindrance to you. You have cursed your body at times and have fretted because of its weaknesses. You have had the belief that powerful men and women of God should have completely healthy and robust bodies, but your body has not been robust, therefore you have doubted your place with God.


I sense that God would want you to stop and wait on Him. You have done much FOR Him (or tried to) but He wants you to stop the activity and spend your time being WITH Him. Waiting on Him is not doing nothing. It is doing the things that make up fellowship with Him. As you wait on Him, ignoring the demands of others, even the legitimate demands of others, you will renew your strength - first spiritual and then physical. His strength is made perfect in your weakness.


There is no time limit in your waiting. God is not in a hurry. He has plenty of time to spend with you, restoring, renewing, and rejuvinating you.


The result is that you will rise up like an eagle. You will take wings and fly in the Spirit. You will use gifts that you have never used before, and your new set of activities will not weary you because you will get great joy and satisfaction in using them. You will have plenty of energy to do the things God wants you to do, and you will no longer feel weary and fainting.


But the key is to stop and wait and get quiet with Him until you start hearing that still, small voice leading you into newly opened doors.


I sense that you need to shut some doors of activity in your life. They are burning you out. God is wanting to do a new work in you and open some new doors that you have not seen yet.



I took some time to allow my thoughts to develop - not to interpret what was coming to me, but to get a clearer picture in my mind of what I could say. Giving a word that may influence you in a particular direction is quite a responsibility and I was to make sure that I share something that I am sure has the characteristics of a prophetic word. So I will start typing what I have, and then see what else comes.


I see a picture in my mind of two roads. One is a smooth, pleasant road that is easy to drive on, and it has well kept footpaths. I see another road, it has no footpaths, and no sealing. It is a rough, gravelly, rocky road, and would be quite difficult to drive on. You would get quite a bumpy ride on this one.


The scripture I get in connection with this is 'Strait is the path and narrow is the way to eternal life.' This tells me that there are not many options on this path. It is very narrow. You can only go forward or backward and there are no side tracks or places you can stop and rest. It seems to me that once you get on this track you have to keep going until you reach the end of it.


[I found that hard to interpret, and I have had to wait a little longer for something more]


What I now get is the episode when Samuel went to anoint Saul's replacement. He was directed to the family of Jesse. Jesse showed him all his sons, and some were quite attractive and would have appeared to have fitted the kingly role really well, but God told Samuel that none of these were the one He had chosen. Upon further enquiry, Samuel found out that there was one more son, quite young, out tending the sheep. When David came in front of Samuel God told him that he was the one. It was the person that Samuel least expected.


There is a list of indications that is coming to me.


1. The right path for you is not the easy one. There are challenges in it.

2. Your first reaction will be that you will not see how you will be successful in taking this path.

3. It is a narrow path with not many options to alter your direction once you have started in it.

4. Once you have started walking in the path, it will be difficult to turn around and go back.

5. You will have to bypass some choices that appear much more attractive than this one.

6. It will be path that you least expected to appear before you.

7. The other paths will involve some aspect that may lead you away from the purity of your Christian faith.



The impression that I got is that you should not underestimate the love of other Christians for you. It seems to me that when others do acts of love and generosity to you, you become embarrassed and it is very hard for you to accept them. [this is quite specific, and I always get nervous when it gets that specific] When others show kindness to you, it is coming through them as well as from them. The instigator of the loving deeds is the Holy Spirit, and the people who are being good to you are obeying the promptings they are receiving from Him.


I sense that there is a particular person who is doing something specific for you, and you find it difficult to see why they should be so good to you. It is almost overwhelming, because in many ways you don't feel you deserve it. It is like the grace of God to us, He gives it freely to us who are undeserving. The person who is doing good things for you is being blessed by doing so. Also this person is showing you an excellent model for being more blessed to give rather than to receive. As you gratefully receive what is being given to you, the Holy Spirit will show you how to use the situation to benefit others whom you love in the Lord.



Okay... I will wait on God and see what comes... Actually your request takes me further outside of my comfort zone, because I am challenged to give a word that specifically suits your situation. I think that the Lord is stretching me in my gift. It's actually quite scary. However, I will use the 'reckless abandonment' principle in this word for you.


I sense that there are several stages that you will have to go through to get the outcome you desire. The stages are in a particular sequence, and stage 2 is dependent on negotiating stage 1, and stage 3 is dependent on negotiating stage 2, etc. The scriptural background is that we develop by line upon line and precept upon precept until the whole picture is complete. The door is open in front of you, and you are hesitating because you are not sure it is the right one, because there are some unusual aspects to it. Moving through it is taking you out of your normal experience into uncharted regions of faith and Christian practice. Don't be afraid of that, because God will be out there waiting for you. At some points while you work through the stages, the only things familiar to you will be God and His word.


I also sense that you will encounter opposition and it may be from an unexpected but familiar source - possibly from someone you know and respect. The opposition is not meant to put you off the direction you are going in, but to keep things slow and for you to walk softly before God, making sure that you keep to the right path.


At some stages on the journey you will be flying on 'instruments'. I get the picture of an aircraft flying through thick cloud. All the pilots can see out of the windows is thick, soupy, dark grey. They have to rely on their instruments to ensure that they are at the right height and are flying in the correct direction. Your instruments are the Word of God and prayer.


But when you reach the final stage, all will be made clear to you.



Love covers a multitude of sins. God's love for you has covered your sins, because it is greater and more powerful in its effects than the effects your sins have had on you in the past. Love also covers your shortcomings, failures, and imperfections. You see those things because it is hard for you to love yourself in the way that others love you. Therefore, your brothers and sisters in the Lord are able to see past your shortcomings and imperfections far more readily than you are; and God is the greatest lover of all, and therefore if your friends can see past your failings, how much more is God able to see past them?


Therefore, live your life on the basis of your strengths in the Lord, rather than your failings. Each failure is a learning point for you, and it is the lesson that you remember and not the failing. I sense that there is the memory of a past serious failure that is still making you feel ashamed at times. In a way it keeps you in bondage and comes up in your memory when you go to exercise faith, as if it deliberately pops up to hinder your acts of faith. God wants to release you from that bondage and to put that memory to rest. God has forgotten about it and does not relate to you with that memory in mind.



Now, here's something interesting.... A couple of hours ago, I was standing at the sink and doing the dishes, when a scripture came to me, and the sense that I should use the theme for the next person who asked me for a word. Spooky, isn't it?


Here is the word:


"Who shall lay any charge to God's elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he that condemns? It is Christ who died and gave Himself for you. You are completely out of range of anyone who would bring any sort of accusation against you for anything they might imagine that you have done. If God is supporting you, who is there to put you down? There is no one in the whole world who can put you down when God is there for your support. Before God, every mouth of accusation must be stilled, because He has full authority and is championing your cause. You never have to vindicate yourself to anyone , because God has already justified you, and will continue to provide His vindication in every area of your involvement.


This also means that you do not have the authority to condemn yourself, because the death of Christ completely cancels out any thoughts, words or deeds of condemnation from all others, including yourself.



I sense that God wants to work in you so that from out of your innermost being, rivers of living water will flow out to those to whom you minister. He is developing a ministry in you that will affect a lot of people and it will contain elements of things that you know about already. People will come to you because they are hungry and thirsty for more of God, and you will be able to lead them in the Spirit to satisfaction and joy. You will encounter situations where the Lord will give you just the right words to say to people, and you will be amazed at the effects of this. Amazed, because you didn't expect to have such a powerful ministry. There will be others who did not expect your ministry to move in this direction, and they will question it at first, but keep your eyes on the Lord and do not worry about the expressions on their faces. But you will have some close friends who will understand and support you, and you will have a lot of pleasure sharing your experiences with them, and they will pray for you and their prayers will have a dynamic effect on what you are doing for Him.



Forsake evil and hold on to what is good. There are many good things that the Lord is doing with you right now. Hold on to those with all your heart. Hold on to them tightly. The Lord has opened a door to you. Go through with confidence and hold on tightly to every word that He has spoken to your heart. Take hold of every encouraging word and store it in your heart because these words will strengthen and cheer you when the test times come. The instruction to forsake evil is important too because there is opposition to what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. When evil confronts you, turn away from it, forsake it, walk away from it, especially if it is embodied in a person. The Lord will strengthen and comfort you. Take hold of those things with both hands and never let them go.



I get two seed thoughts in my mind. The first is if any brother or sister is taken in a fault, go and with an attitude of humility correct them as one who could quite easily fall into the same trap as them. The second is to go and feed the Lord's sheep. Many of His sheep are shepherdless, and the Spirit is prompting you to go to those shepherdless sheep who are wandering without a mentor or anyone to guide them, and minister to them. Don't worry about your own weaknesses, or what you would say to them, because the Spirit will put the ideas into your mind and words in your mouth.



Some people trust in horses and chariots and other resources that the world has to offer, but my trust is in the Lord who made heaven and earth. The creative power of God is at your disposal if you put your trust in it. God is trustworthy, and even if does not come to assist you in your timeframe, it is much better to wait for Him than to go ahead and put your trust in the resources of the flesh or the world to get you out of your predicament. It is not enough to just accept the Lord as your saviour and continue to live your life trusting in the things of the world. There has to be a separation from many things that people trust of the world, because the arm of flesh will fail you. You may trust in those closest to you, business partners, or close friends, but sooner or later, they will fail you and if you trusted in them and became totally dependent on that trust, you will be bitterly disappointment. And, a wounded spirit, who can bear? But those who trust in the Lord will never be disappointed, and they will never be wounded. Although, the wounds of a friend are much better than the kisses of an enemy. But your true friends are those who will lead you closer to the Lord and who will encourage you to trust in Him.



For God is not a man that He should lie to you in anything you have depended on Him for. Many things of the world are built on lies and deception, and there is a danger of getting to a place of being completely confused by all the different voices and promptings that come from the world and the flesh. It is written, let God be true and every man a liar. Because God's ways are not our ways, He would move you in directions that are not understood by people who are entrenched in the things of this life and of the world. The only people who will understand the ways that God is leading you are ones who walk in fellowship with God, know His ways, plans, and purposes, and who love you and have been praying for you. Do not put your trust in the words of those who are not praying for you. They do not have the words of God for you, even though they are persuasive in their advice. Remember King Ahab and the 400 prophets of Baal. He heard all their prophecies, and then asked "Is there a prophet of the Lord, so I can hear from him?" This is what your attitude should be. After hearing all the advice from the world and the flesh, which might seem quite okay to you, remember to ask advice from those who are spiritual and who are praying for you. Their advice may be quite different, but because God does not lie, you can depend on it.



The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? There are many events in life that have the potential to make us live in fear. We can be afraid of the past catching up with us, the present situation, and things that could happen to us in the future. But the Lord does not mean us to live in the fear of these things. He says "Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me." There is no fear in love, because perfect love drives away fear. The love of God for you is perfect, therefore when you come into contact with it, your fears disappear and are replaced by a deep settled peace. You do not need to look forward with nervous to a time when you might say 'the thing I feared the most came upon me.' God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. You have the power to overcome your circumstances, and the sound mind to think through any problem situations that confront you.



God is no respecter of persons in the sense that personal wealth and power mean nothing to Him when it comes to handing out ministry or spiritual gifts. Leaderhip in the body of Christ is a gift from God, and He does not consider the status or wealth of a person when it comes to choosing men and women of God for leadership in His church. He will use the weak things of this world to confound the worldly wise. It is written, let not a mighty man glory in his might, nor a wise man in his wisdom, but he that glories, let him glory in the Lord. This is extended to say let not a man or woman glory in wealth or status but if they must boast, let them boast in the Lord.


When someone lords it over you in the church, remember this: A person has nothing unless they receive it from the Lord. He does not give his gifts so that the recipients can lord it over others. The person who lords it over others has lost his gift. Although the gifts and callings of God are without repentance, a leader can lose the gift by the misuse of it.


I sense that you have suffered because others have not understood that ministry gifts are given through the grace of God and that they should exercise them with humility, respecting those under them as equals in the sight of God. Sometimes you have felt that you have been a pawn for someone else's power ambition.


God does not see you as a pawn. You are His workmanship in Christ. Rise up and accept the ministry that God has given you, and do not allow others to hinder you. Those who need your ministry will gladly hear you and accept it, and glorify God for your obedience to you. If therefore God does not respect persons when He is giving His gifts, then you are in an equal place to receive what He has for you without you having to ask permission from any other man or woman.


Paul said that when he received his calling from God, he did not confer with flesh and blood. His ministry did not come from man. It came from the Holy Spirit. He said 'be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.' This means that it is best for you to seek God to make your calling sure, and then start to exercise it without conferring with flesh and blood, imitating Paul as he instructed.