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My Answer to an Article Criticising the Healing Ministry


How far do you want to go into the prophetic?



I have discovered a new article by Robin Arnaud attacking the gift of tongues

Here is my answer to it


The Virgin Birth Is Under Attack Again.

Read my answer to how the Jesus of the Bible was born and why it is so important to our salvation

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My Christian Life - 40 Years On

This is my testimony of God's grace and loving provision for me over a lifetime of trusting Him.


A Practical Guide to Receiving The Gift Of Tongues


In response to the numbers of people who have asked me about how they can receive the Gift of Tongues, I have included a "how to" in the hope that it will be helpful.



Exposition of 1 Corinthians 14

This is a verse by verse analysis of this important chapter of the New Testament - for those who want to know what the scripture teaches about tongues and prophecy.



My shorter spiritual biography


Imparting blessing, Spiritual gifts, and Healing to Others

Jesus has already given us the Holy Spirit to live inside us.  We can impart the good things that come from the Holy Spirit already resident in us for the highest good of others.


All about the Gift of Prophecy

The gift of prophecy is a valuable tool for the building up of believers.  Read how you can minister in the Spirit to others in this way.


Prophecies from the Prophetic Encouragement Thread on Christian Forums

These are a selection of prophecies that I gave to those who asked for a word on the Prophetic Ministry Forum of


Exposition of Psalm 116:1-8

The Psalms provide excellent insights into the heart of God and into the hearts of those who trust Him.  Here is just one example.


An Analysis of the Anti Tongues Article by Fred G Zaspel

There are books and articles circulating through the traditional churches which oppose the modern practice of speaking in tongues.   I have taken one of these articles and analysed it on the basis of Scripture.   It is always good to see both sides of a story when it comes considering a contentious issues like tongues and the supernatural.


Len Buttner's Article on Tongues and Interpretation

This good man is a South African pastor who has a wonderful prophetic ministry.  He has written a very Scriptural and well-balanced article on this little known subject.


Many Kinds of Tongues by Rodney W Francis

This is an examination of the ministry of diverse tongues.  It shows that tongues has a wider use than just praise and punctuating our natural language praying.


A New Healing Revival Needed

Somehow we have lost that presence of the Lord that brings miraculous, instantaneous healing to those who seek for it.  This article examines the causes and suggests some remedies for restoring the healing ministry to the church.

Why Some People Do Not Get Healed


This is also important reading for understanding when and where the Lord will heal sick people.


Is the Cessationist View Correct?

Have Tongues Really Ceased?

Read My Answer - click here


Are People Who Speak In Tongues Demon Possessed?

Read my answer to a booklet by Bryce Hartin that expresses that opinion


All About Speaking In Tongues - Fernand Legrand

This is a Cessationist book that contains most of the arguments against the gift of tongues.

This is my analysis of this book



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