As all things to do with Christian ministry and living there is the genuine and there is the counterfeit.  Church leaderships are not immune to misusing their position in the church.  Maybe many have good motives and are unclear about what true discipleship is.  There is the erroneous notion that church leaders and disciplers have some form of authority over the rank and file believers;  but what turns out is just bullying and spiritual abuse, misquoting and misusing the Scriptures to give some sort of credence to their "authority"

Spiritual abuse can go the other way too.  I know of a church pastor who was bullied by the church treasurer/secretary in order to exercise control over the expenditure of the church.  In churches where pastors can be fired for very slender reasons, a group of influentual people can threaten the pastor with dismissal if he doesn't preach what they want to hear.

If you feel put down, made to feel inferior, feeling distressed by phone calls from elders and other members, told that you are not functioning as a member of the body of Christ because you are not complying with their wishes, then you are a victim of spiritual abuse.

My book will give you insights and help to recognise what is happening to you and how you can get yourself free and to break off from yourself the bondage that results from the abuse and bullying.

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